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Today's social media transform us into merely numbers.
No problem for me.

Polish account: https://karab.in/u/Kierunkowy74
Mastodon: https://101010.pl/@74 or https://kbin.social/search?q=Kierunkowy74@vivaldi.net (alt)

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This time, another official /kbin server, in Polish (karab.in) was working during all the kbin.social's sleep.

I will repost my comment from https://kbin.social/m/fediverse@lemmy.world/t/838165/What-s-going-on-with-kbin-social

This time is probably unrelated to @ernest's supposed inactivity. Actually, his another /kbin server, https://karab.in has been brought back on 15 of February.

Why not kbin.social? Well, this server is co-administered by FTdL (Technology for People Foundation) (https://kbin.social/m/kbinMeta/t/177112).

Entire FTdL infrastructure was down from 16 o'clock in Cracow to this morning.

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Posting the same link to 3 magazines is enough IMO. Your /kbin account can be followed via Mastodon and similar services, and Mastodon interprets crossposting as completely different posts.

Sublinks Aims to Be a Drop-In Replacement for Lemmy (wedistribute.org)

Seems like an interesting effort. A developer is building an alternative Java-based backend to Lemmy’s Rust-based one, with the goal of building in a handful of different features. The dev is looking at using this compatibility to migrate their instance over to the new platform, while allowing the community to use their apps...

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From the project website:

Sublinks, crafted using Java Spring Boot, stands as a state-of-the-art link aggregation and microblogging platform , reminiscent yet advanced compared to Lemmy & Kbin.

But the author of PieFed, written in even more popular language than Java (Python) said:

The thing with the more twitter-style ActivityPub projects is they send activities to individual users inboxes a lot, whereas with the threadverse it's all shared inboxes. So there's a fundamental difference in the way they use the protocol which makes scaling those projects much more difficult. My gut feel is that adding full microblog support would increase the size and complexity of the codebase by at least 50% and triple the server load. Maybe much more. It just doesn't seem worth it.

A feature creep?

(maybe they see a bus factor = 1 as the only issue of /kbin, though)

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A) Appoint more administrator (or other system roles with the ability to block/delete spam accounts)

@ernest already wanted to do this back in this autumn. It looks, that /kbin software actually was not ready to this, though. :/

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"i am an instance admin/mod on the fediverse. by signing this pact, i hereby agree to block any instances owned by meta should they pop up on the fediverse. project92 is a real and serious threat to the health and longevity of fedi and must be fought back against at every possible opportunity"

From https://fedipact.online

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@the74 is on Flipboard? Of course, I am following them!

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According to https://fediverse.observer, these are largest threadiverse instances by MAU (but pay attention to different method of counting active users between instances...):

lemmy.world - 11 344
kbin.social - 5 134
lemmynsfw.com - 4 276
lemmy.ml - 3 097
feddit.de - 2 873
lemm.ee - 2 202

largest /mbin instance - fedia.io is 221, and it is 2?th by active users
second largest /kbin instance is karab.in and it has 38 MAU

A case for preemptively defederating with Threads (kbin.social)

With Meta beginning to test federation, there's a lot of discussion as to whether we should preemptively defederate with Threads. I made a post about the question, and it seems that opinions differ a lot among people on Kbin. There were a lot of arguments for and against regarding ads, privacy, and content quality, but I don't...

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Threads is the smaller player here compared to twitter/bluesky.

Smaller than X, yes, but it's already bigger than Bluesky. And with its Instagram integration it can be bigger even than X-Twitter.

Kierunkowy74, to fediverse Polish
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@gmph postanowił zintegrować Mastodona jako system do skomentowania jego wpisu. Widzę, że komentarze wyświetlają się tylko chronologicznie - bez wątkowania w szeroko omawianym artykule, takim jak ten, gwarantuje to nieczytelny bałagan.

A, i testuję, czy wpis z /kbin pojawi się pod artykułem



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Mobilizon V4 : the maturity stage (framablog.org) Polish

5 years after its announcement, Mobilizon, our free, federated alternative to Facebook groups and events, is reaching maturity. We take this opportunity to look back on its history and future. 🦆 VS 😈: Let's take back some ground from the tech giants! Thanks to your donations to our not-for-profit, Framasoft is taking...

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This is the language of my interface, and it seems that it makes Polish a default submission language.

And, of course, there is no language detection on the Fediverse.

I have edited thread language, thanks!

masimatutu, to random en-gb

Mastodon has the responsibility to promote diversity in the Fediverse

I love the Threadiverse. Compared to the microblogging Fediverse’s sea of random thoughts, Lemmy and kbin are so much easier to navigate with the options to sort posts by subscribed, from local instances or everything federated. You can also sort by individual community, and then there are the countless ways to order the posts and comments (which are stored neatly under the main post, by the way). That people can more easily find the right discussions and see where they can contribute also means that the discussions tend to be more focused and productive than elsewhere. Decentralisation also makes a lot of sense, since it is built around different communities. All that’s needed is users.

Things were going quite well for a while when Reddit killed third-party apps, prompting many to leave and find the Threadiverse. However, it is quite difficult to entertain a crowd that has grown accustomed to a constant bombardment of dopamine-inducing or interesting content by tens of millions of users, if you only have a couple hundred thousand people. This is causing some to leave, which of course increases this effect. The active users have more than halved since July, according to FediDB. The mood is also becoming more tense. Maybe the lack of engagement drives some to cause it through hostility, I’m not quite sure. Either way, the Threadiverse becoming a less enjoyable place to be, which is quite sad considering how promising it is.

But what is really frustrating is that we could easily have that userbase. The entire Fediverse has over ten million users, and many Mastodonians clearly want to engage in group-based discussion, looking at Guppe groups. The focused discussions should also be quite attractive. Technically we are federated, so why do Mastodonians interact so little with the Threadiverse? The main reason is that Mastodon simply doesn’t federate post content. I really can’t see why the platform that federates entire Wordpress blogs refuses to federate thread content just because it has a title, and instead just replaces the body with a link to the post. Very unhelpful.

The same goes with PeerTube. There are plenty of videos on there that I am quite sure a lot of Mastodonians would appreciate, yet both views and likes there stay consistently in the tens. Yes, Mastodon’s web interface has a local video player, but in most clients it is the same link shenanigans, may may partly explain the small amount of engagement. This is also quite sad, because Google’s YouTube is one of the worst social network monopolies out there, if not the worst.

And I know some might say that Mastodon is a microblogging platform and that it makes sense only to have microblogging content, but the problem is that Mastodon is the dominant platform on the Fediverse, its users making up close to 80% of all Fedizens. It has gone so far that several Friendica and Hubzilla users have been complaining about complaints from Mastodonians that their posts do not live up to Mastodon customs, and of course, that people frequently use “Mastodon” to refer to the entire Fediverse. This, of course, goes entirely against the idea of the Fediverse, that many diverse platforms live in harmony with and awareness of each other.

The very least that Mastodon could do is to support the content of other platforms. Then I’d wish that they’d improve discoverability, by for instance adding a videos tab in the explore section, improving federation of favourites since it is the dominant sorting mechanism on many other platforms, and making a clear distinction between people (@person) and groups (!group), but I know that that is quite much to ask.

P.S. @feditips , @FediFollows , I know that you are reluctant to promote Lemmy and its communities because of the ideology of its founders, but the fact is firstly that it’s open source and there aren't any individual people who control the entire project, and that the software itself is very apolitical. In fact, most Lemmy users both oppose and are on instances that have rules against such beliefs, so I highly encourage you to at least help raise awareness on the communities. Then, of course, there’s kbin, which isn’t associated with any extremism at all. As a bonus, it has much better integration with the microblogging Fediverse, but it is a lot smaller and younger, and still very much under development.

Anyways, that was a ramble. Thanks for hearing me out.

@fediverse #fediverse #threadiverse #mastodon #lemmy #kbin

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"(...)Just like Lemmy won’t support Place objects, I’m not sure if any other platform will ever support Page objects, because Pages are much bigger in scope than anything most Fediverse applications ever deal with."

Article or Page objects are supported not only by Lemmy and /kbin (and Mastodon, but as link). It is a default object type on WriteFreely, can be used on WordPress, and is compatible with Friendica. Hometown (a Mastodon fork) also renders Pages and Articles in their entirety.

@feditips @fediverse @FediFollows @mention @masimatutu

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Random/related toot and thread suggestions

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Threads (a.k.a. posts on Lemmy) can be hashtagged on /kbin

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"Random posts" and "Random threads" on sidebar. When you are in a particular thread/mag, this feature still serves randomised posts/threads but with related tags.

Pixelfed.social removes all storage limits on accounts (pixelfed.social) Polish

[Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, Nov 20, 2023] – Pixelfed.social, a leading player in the image sharing and social media sphere, is excited to announce a significant update that marks a new era for digital creativity and user experience. Effective immediately, Pixelfed.social has removed all storage limits on user accounts,...

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Yes, something breaks in matrix.to links on /kbin, so you have to copy and paste the URL.

"Antiwoke" magazin on kbin.social posting bullshit like "how to end Wokeness" and "Time to reject the extrem trans lobby harming our society" How to report ? he is the moderator of that magazin. (calckey.social)

@ernest how do I report a Magazin on kbin.social ? There is a usere called "ps" who is posting to his own "antiwoke" Magazin on kbin.social. Please remove this and dont give them a chance to etablish them self on kbin.social. When I report his stuff it will go to him because he is the moderator of the magazin? Seems like a...

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kbin.social administration controls only what is published on kbin.social, and what content from elsewhere kbin.social users can see. An user banned from kbin.social can make another account, on another site and start recreate there his banned community. kbin.social will be able to ban this remote user and remote community, but this restricts only what kbin.social users can see.

Exactly the same for another /kbin or lemmy site - just replace the domain name accordingly.

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