MoogleMaestro, avatar

A bit of a miscelaneous request, but I would kind of like a single button "x-post" for articles so that I can quickly cross post to related communities. If it's a thread (like this one, and not a link), it would link directly to the thread and and also show the comments of the thread (basically becomes a pointer to an article)

Kierunkowy74, avatar

Posting the same link to 3 magazines is enough IMO. Your /kbin account can be followed via Mastodon and similar services, and Mastodon interprets crossposting as completely different posts.


Follow up if you have time, do both threads and microblogs federate with mastadon? If so, do they appear different?

Pamasich, avatar

They both federate and they both look the same I think.

However, Mastodon search works by tags iirc. And kbin/lemmy users tend to not use tags. So discoverability is low.
The Microblog section is supposed to add the magazine's tags to your posts there, though I don't know if it currently does. I remember reading issues about it not being the case, but those were rather old, so not sure about the current status.

daredevil, avatar

I just use it to bring awareness to similar magazines/communities across the fediverse

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