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Darkrai, in Is Kbin dying? I wanted to address the deleted thread and provide some insight into the current situation.
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Take time for yourself, I don't think anyone's going to blame you for that. And honestly, I don't have any issues with the current state of Kbin, there's a couple bugs here and there but it's entirely usable otherwise. Finally, I think giving yourself a deadline to resolve personal issues might be counterproductive and make you more stressed than you should be. It sounds like you're already taking steps to help spread the workload around, I would just keep spending a little bit of time helping out the team do some stuff you can't do until you're able to get a better work life balance or something.

I guess I'm trying to say, things are great to me and I imagine you're getting that unfortunate side effect of only having people who have something to complain about reach out whereas everyone who has everything going well isn't saying anything. So, in my opinion, you can stay to course (as long as it isn't killing you mentally) and I don't think the site is suffering any for it.


I'm just glad they found some time to update us on the current situation!

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Hijacking the top comment since I feel like Ernest's buy me a coffee link should be signposted here:

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Yes, and I feel bad that I haven’t said how great the kbin team are doing. Thanks to everyone, I’m sure it’s not a light load.

ernest, in So, what's the status on the update? (edit: ernest responded)
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I've already discussed some of the reasons on Matrix, but today, I'll try to briefly explain what's going on here. Due to the increasing popularity of kbin, infrastructure changes, the cost of maintaining instances, and development-related priorities, I wasn't able to deliver the milestones on time, which are crucial for project funding (even though I'm really close to achieving that). I wasn't prepared for this and didn't anticipate such a delay in terms of the savings I allocated for all of this. The servers are still being maintained with the donations that came through buymycoffe, but there are additional costs like living expenses and other obligations. So, I had to take up temporary work to ensure the continued development of the project.

This year has also brought many other unexpected personal problems, as I mentioned earlier. Now, another one has been added to that list – I had to end my marriage and a fifteen-year-long relationship. While it's not a sudden decision, it's never easy, but it has turned out to be more challenging than I anticipated. Not just for me, and this time, I want to dedicate as much time as necessary to conclude the matter properly. I had to learn how to do many things from scratch, set up a new work environment, establish daily routines, and more.

So, why all these deadlines and promises?
It was probably the only way for me to accomplish at least the absolute minimum. There's a lot of my own code waiting for review on my local branches, but it's genuinely hard for me to push myself to it for now. The infrastructure also requires fine-tuning, and Piotr is helping me with that. And the days are passing by very quickly.

However, I'm almost ready to continue on this journey, so you can expect that in the near future, there will be a banner with information and the update date of the instance and release. After that, we will work on avoiding such longer development downtimes in case of my absence.

@a @RealM @Pamasich

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Sounds like a lot of personal problems, wish you all the best with them!

Regarding the funding, do you think you can set up an alternative way of donating that accepts other payment options like PayPal? Personally I'm not using a credit card, which is the only payment option one can use on your buymeacoffee.

Pamasich, (edited )
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Ernest linked Patreon and Liberapay on a previous thread. I think both support Paypal.

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Oh man, I totally missed that link by just skimming over the post back when it was posted...
Thank you!

I'll try to make an effort to actually read things more carefully in the future >_>


Liberapay doesn't appear to support PayPal, but Patreon does.

Pamasich, (edited )
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Oh, it seems to support PayPal only when the recipient uses PayPal as the payment processor. Is what the FAQ says. In which case PayPal is required, not just an option. TIL


Can you link to the Matrix space you mentioned? I didn't know there was one about Kbin.

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Yes, something breaks in matrix.to links on /kbin, so you have to copy and paste the URL.

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Worth noting you can also post it as a markdown link, like this.

[like this](https://matrix.to/#/#kbin-space:matrix.org)

Then it's clickable even on kbin.

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wishing you all the best Ernest!

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Sorry to hear that Ernest, I hope thing start looking better for you soon! Take your time with the development, we can wait.

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I'm sorry to hear, I hope u feel better and pls take as much time as u need


sorry to hear about your marriage :(

But on a lighter note, keep up the good work on kbin!

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Wishing you the best, Ernest. Take your time to get things sorted out. As I've said before, we can wait :)

Seraph, in Is Kbin dying? I wanted to address the deleted thread and provide some insight into the current situation.
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If I can't meet the deadline, I will step down from leading the project and transfer full rights over the repository and instance to the contributors.

I respect you entirely but this is a bit dramatic. Not all projects can be on time due to complications and no one is asking you to step down. Please just do what is necessary - you're doing fantastic!

Looking forward to the first version!

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100%. and therein lies the beauty of open source: if someone thinks they can do a better job, then fork it and move on.

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If someone thinks they can do a better job they can go fork themselves!


Just don't fork their dongle. That does not go over well.

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Everybody says that, but that's not really practical. It would be much better to merge those features into the main project, than to fork it and get stuck maintaining a separate codebase in perpetuity.

Now I will say that if someone thinks they can do a better job, they should sign up for the project and commit their changes to the main project, so all ernest has to do is approve it, rather than write it himself.

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oh, i totally agree with your points and i think most of us are already doing that... i was being borderline sarcastic. now, that said, i have no knowledge of what prompted this as a possible resolution by @ernest and it's none of my business, but i can take an educated guess at the calibre of individual(s) that prompted this as a solution. sometimes you have to be a hard-ass if you want to maintain quality and vision (cough mr torvalds) and @ernest has made it clear he's too nice. :-)

blightbow, (edited )
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Yeah, there is no need for "final solution" style accountability here. This was a project that a single developer was working on when the stars just happened to align and drive a lot of attention to it at once. A commercially oriented website in the same situation would struggle to deal with it and be forced to take out loans in order to expand staffing and infrastructure capacity.

The phrasing of Ernest's initial post suggests that there is at least one exploitable vulnerability that spammers are taking advantage of and can't be openly discussed until the gates are closed. I understand the frustration and optics problem that comes with "easy and important fixes" sliding on the schedule (i.e. the topic of the other thread), but look at it this way:

  • Ernest is too slammed with work to be consciously creating more work for himself.
  • He needs the spam and bot problem to go away so ASAP so that it stops taking time away from him. This includes the missing moderation tools, spam/bot campaigns that are operating at a scale that those additional tools would have difficulty addressing regardless, and the issues he can't talk about yet that were hinted at above.
  • If he is waiting to push out a fix to problems that would greatly reduce his workload, there are very good reasons for it.
  • If he is not able to push out fixes that reduce his workload, it stands to reason that fixes unrelated to them are also sliding.
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Indeed, nobody is asking you (Ernest) to step down.

ernest, in To those genuinely interested in moderating
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Yep, another way is to choose abandoned from the list of magazines, soon it will be more sensibly sorted ;)


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There's a 'jailbait' mag there that should just be deleted.

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I imagine transferring ownership is a manual process, but on the off chance it's automated, I've requested ownership and intend to delete it right after.

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I've taken care of it. 🙂

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The hero we needed o7

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@daredevil hey how did you get rid of it altogether?

I just noticed we had a "frenworld" (copy of a subreddit that was notoriously racist, antisemitic etc) and requested ownership thinking I could delete it but now it's listed as a magazine I mod and I can't seem to either delete it or detatch myself from it. I don't want it listed under mags I mod! Help!

@Ernest @ernest @PugJesus

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If memory serves the option is at the very bottom under the first page of the magazine panel.

@livus@kbin.social avatar

@PugJesus you mean the Delete button? I hit that but all it did was change it to a "Restore" button.

I think this means people get "Empty" when they visit @frenworld. But the racist magazine is still listed on my profile as a magazine I moderate, which is the last thing I want.

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Hm. The ones I deleted are removed from my profile.

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Yes, I'm aware of this. The magazine is not publicly listed as a magazine you moderate -- I do not see it listed in your profile. I noticed this problem a little over a week ago. While cleaning up abandoned magazines, I noticed in my profile it still says I have about 70 magazines that I moderate. An issue has already been raised.


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@daredevil sorry, I should have updated. I messaged Ernest and he took took it off my profile.

I didn't realise it was a known issue, I thought I was just glitching, sinci it hadn't happened to @PugJesus.

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Glad to hear you got it taken care of.

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Has showed up at the top of my screen among the random mags disproportionately over the past several months too. It's what keeps me off kbin when I'm in the office around people.


Seems like names like that should be in a 'if you create the mag you are automatically banned ).


This is great. I dont want to request moderation on too many so I just picked a few that I think I could handle and communities I'd like to see developed. (Specifically the manga and bitwig magazine.)

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Just a friendly reminder--claiming ownership/moderation privileges could just be a temporary thing. Implementing this system allows us the freedom to share and pass on the responsibility as our situations change. :) Best of luck with @manga and @bitwig.

ernest, in Last few days are the least functional kbin has been for me since the July exodus. Just me?
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Yeah, It's true. Since Sunday, I've been noting errors that I'm still working on resolving. It doesn't make it easier that it's the post-holiday period, and due to travels and security measures, it's not the easiest task. I'm working to get everything back to normal as soon as possible.


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Thanks for putting in all this work, especially over a period that's traditionally vacation time. Make sure you're striking a good work/life balance, if you can get the site basically functional (as it appears to be now) don't sweat the small stuff. :)

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Not just me eh, sorry to hear! I had a Jellyfin upgrade go sideways (my fault) once during the holidays and that was bad enough - and all my users live with me! Sorry that you are pulling your hair out, and personally I'm more than content to wait it out until after your vacation.

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Username doesn't lie. :)

@ripcord@kbin.social avatar

Thanks Ernest!

I'm curious, 2hen you say "on-site work", do you mean you need to travel onsite to do some work for kbin? At a host somewhere? Otherwise, when you say "security measures" for travel, how is that related? Maybe you just mean you are travelling and it is taking up your time...?

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Thanks for all the hardwork you are putting in! In the long term, you could consider setting up a kbin.social status page?

ryan, in Is Kbin dying? I wanted to address the deleted thread and provide some insight into the current situation.

I've given myself a deadline to resolve all my issues and release the first official version by the end of September. If I can't meet the deadline, I will step down from leading the project and transfer full rights over the repository and instance to the contributors.

Ernest, please don't be so hard on yourself. Deadlines slip, even for products formally released by companies, and this is more of a hobby frankly. I think what might help is less of a deadline and more of a roadmap - like, here are the major bullet point items we want to target for release by end of 2023, by end of Q1 2024, and sometimes those slip but then the roadmap can be revised.

I've been updating my own kbin instance pretty regularly, every couple of weeks, and I've seen things become more stable over time (less frustrations in upgrading, more features, etc). I'm quite happy with the progress so far. This project has grown so much in such a short time, and the fact that the kbin issues matrix is much quieter than it was speaks to the growing stability of the platform.

As far as kbin.social itself, I would agree with some other folks that you might need more volunteers on the actual instance administration and moderation front.

And as far as spam - email, the original federated messaging platform, still has that problem! Each email provider has to handle it on their own, using increasingly sophisticated methods, and they're still not perfect and it's been decades. Yes, spam is frustrating, but due to the nature of ActivityPub we will always be in an escalating war with spam. It will never be solved, only mitigated for a time.

Anyway, perhaps I've written too much here, but I have a ton of confidence in this project and also in you, and I hope you look back and see how much has been accomplished in a short amount of time, how much kbin.social has grown, and how the amount of other contributors indicates an overall great level of confidence in what you've created.

Penpal5036, in We're back

No need to apologize :)

ernest, (edited ) in Is Ernest still here?
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Oh, thank God! No rush on anything, I was just worried! I hope your recovery and the med side effects smooth out!

abff08f4813c, in Is Kbin dying? I wanted to address the deleted thread and provide some insight into the current situation.

Thank you @ernest for all you do and all you have done!

Absolutely do not want to see you run yourself into the ground over kbin matters, your family and your health come first.

I don't question your judgement, but I think the "step down" bit is a bit extreme, even if you fail to meet the deadline. Worst case, maybe let the community appoint a second-in-command temporarily to get some things moving along while you take a well deserved break?

@McBinary@kbin.social avatar

Agreed, stepping down is a bit heavy handed. There are a lot of moving parts, it's okay to take time for your self and let others take up the reigns temporarily if you need to. I've seen quite a lot of merges on the core recently - so it's obvious things are moving in the right direction.

NotAPenguin, in Is Kbin dying? I wanted to address the deleted thread and provide some insight into the current situation.

Thank you for explaining and thank you for the work you're doing!
Of course you and your family's wellbeing comes first, take the time you need.

ernest, in If you're encountering the Subscribed 404 error, this is a good time to revisit Collections
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I'm currently working on solving this problem.

@livus@kbin.social avatar

@ernest thank you! Please have a break so you can enjoy the weekend too!

Leeks, in [UPDATE] Issues with the functioning of kbin.social

Thank you very much!

It does seem to be pretty stable and fast today.

Also, where can I donate to support your efforts of keeping this whole thing going?

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The footer of the page points here: https://kbin.social/support-us

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CoffeeAddict, in A case for preemptively defederating with Threads
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Very well said and you have captured many of my exact fears.

Personally, if the decentralized fediverse was more developed and mature, I would not be as concerned about federating with Threads. But, Meta is entering at a time when everything is really just starting to develop.

They’ll be the big instance and they’ll have a lot of influence over the others as a result.

Just to give an example, What would happen if Lemmy.world decided to cut off kbin? Kbin would lose a ton of content and access to most of the large communities. Threads, thanks to Meta’s resources and huge Instagram user base, will likely gain more active users and communities than lemmy in no time and they could do the same. The difference is I believe Meta may be more likely to down the line because an open fediverse doesn’t fit super nicely into their business model.

I understand many people disagree and that is fine; nobody knows the future. If we decide to federate with Threads then so be it, and if it turns out I am totally wrong then I will eat my words. All I am trying to articulate is that I think there is reason to be skeptical of Meta.

@ThatOneKirbyMain2568@kbin.social avatar

100%. Additionally, there's a difference in magnitude between lemmy.world and Threads. While it's obviously not great that so many of the large communities are on lemmy.world, Threads would have a vast majority of the fediverse's microblog content. If Meta leaves the fediverse later on, people outside of Threads will suddenly lose almost all of the activity their used to and will likely move over to Threads. And Meta, being a profit-driven company, has all the incentive in the world to do this given that it would pull tons of users from competing platforms like Mastodon.

These corporations have shown time and time again that profit is their priority, and that profit explicitly goes against our own interests. You're not going to see Zuckerberg asking people to keep things balanced by joining other instances. He'd love to pull users from Mastodon, Firefish, and Kbin over to Threads, and it's easily doable if he's welcomed with open arms like big instances across the fediverse are doing right now.

@Mounticat@kbin.social avatar

I think corporate instances should be allowed only as hosts for accounts of their own employees. Letting large companies dominate the fediverse kind of diminishes the idea of putting control of social media back into hands of the people. If the companies really wanted to help the fediverse out they should be donating to fediverse projects rather than trying to monopolize it.

daredevil, (edited ) in What are your thoughts on Microblogs vs threads?
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One of my favorite things about /kbin is that it utilizes threads and microblogs. In my experience thus far, users here seem rather shy. I don't hold it against anyone though, because I totally understand.

Federating content from the likes of Mastodon is very helpful for having discussions trickle in from the fediverse. I think it's also really helpful for establishing an ongoing daily discussion space so the thread feed isn't as cluttered. IMO, there's more potential beyond that, too (Think: drawing everyday for a month, photography-based posting/challenges while using tags for content organization, language-learning exercises, the list goes on...).The combination of threads with microblogs has shown me the power that lies behind content federation. As a result, /kbin is by far my favorite of the fediverse platforms so far.

I still have some minor issues with how it currently works. Currently, I believe the name of a magazine causes hashtags with the exact same string to federate content to that magazine. The magazine that matches the desired hashtag also takes priority, even when the hashtag isn't assigned in the magazine's settings. An issue with this is that if any subsequent magazines try to federate content using that hashtag, it won't be able to do so.

It seems as though microblogs can only federate content to either the magazine that matches the hashtag in question, or the magazine that uses the hashtag first. There's also an issue where a microblog that uses multiple hashtags will only federate content to the magazine with the first available tag. E.g. if someone writes an unused tag for the first, followed by #kbinmeta, then #fediverse third, the post would only go to the kbinmeta microblog section. It would be lovely for microblogs to be federated, or even mirrored across magazines (as in child comments/replies) that implement the same tag. Hopefully, this could also be done without adding excessive overhead to Ernest/the server. Perhaps even offer the ability to have a magazine choose to refuse federating tags that match the magazine's name.

There are also some minor issues with moderation federation, but I don't exactly want to specify here, because I'm worried it could be used maliciously.

That being said, I can't wait to see how /kbin will mature.


Agree with all of the above.

Another thing I wish kbin would do, is that while kbin picks up mastodon posts (ie microblogs) - albeit not as seamlessly as would be ideal, as Mr Murdoch points out, it doesn't go the other way. When I post a thread to kbin I always attach relevant hashtags, but my Mastodon account does not pick these up. Mastodon does have the ability to follow kbin users, but not pick up kbin threads based on the thread's hashtags.


I really hope magazines get the ability to detach from hashtags since currently @fediverse and @fediverse seem to be picking up all microblogs that use #fediverse even if said hashtag is used to just refer to fediverse users.

@daredevil@kbin.social avatar

I empathize, as I've spent quite some time trying to learn about content federation trying to manage my own magazines. However, /kbin is younger than its Mastodon/Lemmy counterparts, while trying to provide a unique space that allows for both types of content to exist on the same platform. While there are things that need to be resolved, I'm quite satisfied with the recent update, personally.


Did the new update change anything about how microblogs get sorted into magazines?

@daredevil@kbin.social avatar

Unfortunately, I don't think so. Attached below is a list of changes that @Pamasich has compiled, for your convenience.



Thanks :)

promodel, in We're back

Thank you for you hard work!

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