Request for errors on (

Hi all. I was recently made aware that people have been getting error 429's and other error 500's when visiting My hope/expectation is that those will no longer happen now that I've moved back to a bare metal install, but if you do experience that, please comment below, or if that doesn't work, send me an emai to...

Request for an off-site status communication method and more admins to help run the site & communicate with users (

@ernest, we love you man, and we're grateful for the service you provide. But this site has needs that can't be met by one person: community mod approval, emergency status communication, spam management, and account management are just a few that immediately come to mind....

Marvel Studios 'Fantastic Four' poster unveiled, main cast revealed. (

Thought there may be some overlap between the F4 and Trek fandoms. I’m over the MCU overall, but as a life long F4 fan I might check this out if I hear its decent. Poster looks promising, dig the retro vibes and the team being presented as a family. Pascal seems like an odd pick for Reed Richards, but the rest of the main cast...

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