Flipboard stops tweeting, launches new podcast about decentralized social apps (

Social magazine app Flipboard had already committed to joining the "fediverse" -- the decentralized social web, which includes apps like Mastodon. Now, it’s doubling down on those ambitions with an announcement that it will stop tweeting while also launching a new podcast devoted to exploring the topic of decentralized social...

It's always something... [sorry for the downtime] (

I was happily working on a different set of servers when apparently the database server for became unresponsive. Once I realized it, I forced a reboot and everything is back to normal. Now that the code and database are stable(ish), I will be moving the site to actual server hardware in the coming days while I have some... removes all storage limits on accounts ( Polish

[Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, Nov 20, 2023] –, a leading player in the image sharing and social media sphere, is excited to announce a significant update that marks a new era for digital creativity and user experience. Effective immediately, has removed all storage limits on user accounts,...

Thinking on creating a guide on leaving Twitter etc. for creators, etc., some tips on what it should include? (

A lot of artists, etc. are reluctant to leave corporate social media like Twitter, due to fears over the Fediverse (usually spread by other people, that think Fediverse = Gab + some cryprobros + maybe Pawoo), or not willing to understand it....

Can't view the threads page of (

Whenever I try to view the threads page of (i.e.,, I get an error. It's only where this happens, and it's only the threads page of this specific community. I can view the microblogs, the people, and even individual threads, but the threads... Instance (

I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this. So if it isn't I apologize. For several days the instance was online but not operating optimally, and showing no new posts. This morning trying to access the site gives the dreaded 'bad gateway' error. No information has been provided by the instance admin. So it...

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