The Biden Lies the Liberal Media Want You to Forget (

As the 2024 election approaches, the left-wing corporate media have lost all interest in President Biden’s frequent lies about his life and career. In the past, these journalists have paid brief attention to the one of President’s latest tall tales, but rarely have they ever bothered to revisit them when the moment has...

Introducing c/DoctorWho!

We’ve been interested in hosting communities that aren’t exactly Star Trek, but also make a certain kind of sense for this instance for a while. - Quark’s was the first step, and now we’ve decided to pull the trigger on !doctorwho - with the new season up and running, this seems like as good a time as any. Whovians new...

Could blocked magazines no longer appear in Random Post and Random Thread sidebars? (

A lot of the larger abandoned magazines are just spam pools now. I don't see their posts in my feed, but I don't like that the two sidesbars of random posts and threads are now just spam advertising sidebars. I triedblocking the magazines, but doesn't that prevent the posts from showing in those sidebars....

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