Can't block Hexbear communities - with workaround (

So to my immense joy, Hexbear has started appearing on the front page again. Instance blocking is not available, and even the regular block feature sometimes fails (on certain communities?) for no clear reason. I've already tried blocking their "DuNk tAnK" and politics sub, it errors in a way that doesn't seem to happen...

Could there be a "Filter" button for magazines? (

I know there's block, but "block" currently blacklists the entire magazine. If I click on it, it wipes all the threads on /all/, prevents me from looking at threads on the magazine landing page and all comments in the threads should I venture in. A "filter" would be a soft block that just clears it from my feed on the main page....

What are your thoughts on Microblogs vs threads? (

When I first joined Kbin I posted threads due to being a reddit refugee but have started posting microblogs as time went on. I have also noticed some magazines have more threads while others have more microblog posts. For example kbinmeta has more threads while the most active magazine I moderate has mostly microblogs.

To those genuinely interested in moderating (

@Ernest has pushed an update which allows users to request ownership/moderation of abandoned magazines. Ghost/abandoned magazines were fairly prevalent after the initial wave of hype due to users either squatting magazine names or becoming inactive for other reasons. Now is your chance to get involved, if you were waiting to do...

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