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The Biden Lies the Liberal Media Want You to Forget (www.newsbusters.org)

As the 2024 election approaches, the left-wing corporate media have lost all interest in President Biden’s frequent lies about his life and career. In the past, these journalists have paid brief attention to the one of President’s latest tall tales, but rarely have they ever bothered to revisit them when the moment has...

Can KBin not like, freak out at any turn when surfing on it? (kbin.social)

I forced myself to go back a little to Reddit recently. Because while I endorse and love the existence of the Fediverse, I can't in good conscience, tolerate the instability of it. Any other time I go somewhere, I'm met with a page that says KBin is working on resolving issues, then I go somewhere else and it's fine....

Decentered S1E3: Ryan Barrett Has a Bridge to Sell Us (wedistribute.org)

For our third episode of Decentered, we talked to Ryan Barrett, the creator of Bridgy Fed! Ryan has a lot of experience in working with a variety of decentralized social web protocols, including IndieWeb, ActivityPub, AT Protocol, and Nostr, and has a lot of interesting thoughts on making them talk to each other.

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