Kbin /m/fediverse is over 90% spam

Looking at the front page of this forum and many others, leads me to conclude that kbin has a ridiculous spam problem.

As of this posting 23 out of 25 of the posts on /m/fediverse are spam. Reporting doesn't seem to do any good. Oftentimes I try to report, and after trying to submit I get the red message - this has already been reported. (Unspoken subtext: "... and nothing has been done about it.")

So, kbin: No moderation, letting spammers run free. I really love the Fediverse, but there needs to be closed signups (by human approval) on accounts, with maybe a waiting period on posting. Also, I would like a way to ignore content from accounts that have X ratio of moderation score or Y amount of deleted content.

As it stands now, kbin is not a useful source of link aggregation, with less than 10% signal to noise ratio.

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The guy that manages Kbin has been having personal issues and stepped away from the fediverse so yeah Kbin is kind of in limbo at the moment and indeed not well moderated. There’s mods but there’s just so much they can do. The software doesn’t federate the deletions so even if they’re gone on Kbin, they remain everywhere else.


One of the main problems is that Ernest is the owner and only mod on those magazines getting all the spam. I guess I missed the memo (figuratively speaking) about deletions not being federated though. That seems like a problem even if there were alternative moderators.

There's at least one person on the mod-request queue for most of the spam-ridden magazines. That "at least one" is me, which is how I know. I'm not here all the time and wouldn't be great at it, but at this stage even a part-time mod would be better than none at all. Hopefully, as and when Ernest comes back he can assign some roles. Twice as hopefully, someone else who would be better at it gets it instead.

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I left several months ago due to the spam. Got that old Reddit itch so came back. Looks bleak.


Agreed. My block list is unbelievable. As I've said in previous comments about this kind of thing: communication is key.
We're getting zero communication and, if we so wanted to leave, can't even delete our own accounts on the way out.


Tried to delete my account here as well. No such luck.


Indeed. I've heard that from others as well.
I, personally, do not intend to delete my account (yet), but I am aware that it is a manual process. As so much is here, it seems.

I recently made some adjustments to my stuff here and it's helped a little. (You'll see the irony momentarily.)
I've unsubscribed from most kbin magazines and have subscribed to magazines (communities) from other Fediverse instances instead. Now my feed actually has content and a lack of SPAM. So, essentially, I'm here in name only.

Eventually, all of us normal users will need to ditch this platform because we won't our names/accounts tied to something that is notorious for SPAM and other illegal activities. Perhaps sooner than later, if the rest of the Fediverse decides to stop federating with kbin.
Until then, I figure at least I can still look through the window at the rest of the Fediverse.

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