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Tried to delete my account here as well. No such luck.

Request for an off-site status communication method and more admins to help run the site & communicate with users (kbin.social)

@ernest, we love you man, and we're grateful for the service you provide. But this site has needs that can't be met by one person: community mod approval, emergency status communication, spam management, and account management are just a few that immediately come to mind....


Yes please. I like kbin a lot and fear that this is the only option there is, given the size of the project.

A case for preemptively defederating with Threads (kbin.social)

With Meta beginning to test federation, there's a lot of discussion as to whether we should preemptively defederate with Threads. I made a post about the question, and it seems that opinions differ a lot among people on Kbin. There were a lot of arguments for and against regarding ads, privacy, and content quality, but I don't...


I'm here because I wanted to get away from anything corporate and mainstream. And I quite like it so far. I will definitely block anything threads. And if it seeps in too much I would rather quit alltogether, find me a good book and never look back. That said I'm all in for preemtive defederation.

Can't block Hexbear communities - with workaround (kbin.social)

So to my immense joy, Hexbear has started appearing on the front page again. Instance blocking is not available, and even the regular block feature sometimes fails (on certain communities?) for no clear reason. I've already tried blocking their "DuNk tAnK" and politics sub, it errors in a way that doesn't seem to happen...


Same experience here, blocking does not work, Ernest knows but I guess it's not priority number one right now. It's a deal braker for me. Thank you so much for the filter option!


I like to explore new/all sometimes to find new communitiies so that's unfortunately not helping. And it's really only a problem with hexbears, everything else blocks just fine.


Yo'll still see their horrid propaganda though...

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