Can't block Hexbear communities - with workaround

So to my immense joy, Hexbear has started appearing on the front page again. Instance blocking is not available, and even the regular block feature sometimes fails (on certain communities?) for no clear reason. I've already tried blocking their "DuNk tAnK" and politics sub, it errors in a way that doesn't seem to happen otherwise. No idea why - more info on error pages would be nice - and I'm curious if that's reproducible for anyone else. (I'll hold off on being overly conspiracy-minded, but isn't it quite interesting that it doesn't seem to happen to other instances...)

As a stopgap measure I've hacked together these uBlock Origin compatible filters. Fairly easy to change if you want to block other/additional instances - or narrow it to specific Hexbear communities, though I can't imagine why you'd want to.

! block any post to hexbear communities > a.magazine-inline[href$=""])

! block any post from hexbear users a.user-inline[href$=""])


I’ve learned that if you interact with them, they’ll block you.


Yo'll still see their horrid propaganda though...


That's only one way though...




Yeah, for being a bunch of "totally not trolls lol" they're remarkably thin-skinned.


That is completely normal. The one thing trolls hate is to be the target of the behaviours they love to inflict on others.

Gordon_Freeman, avatar

I like to explore new/all sometimes to find new communitiies so that's unfortunately not helping. And it's really only a problem with hexbears, everything else blocks just fine.


That's a fix for a different issue. Discoverability here is pretty bad, so the front page is sort of a necessary evil to me.


Same experience here, blocking does not work, Ernest knows but I guess it's not priority number one right now. It's a deal braker for me. Thank you so much for the filter option!

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