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It's me, livus.

I like to post articles, but I find them myself. I'm a human.

If you like international and eclectic news, come and join me at (Link for Lemmy = worldwithoutus or !worldwithoutus).

I've also started helping out at and avatar


Software Developer, Switzerland
Languages: German, Allemanic (Swiss German), English
Hobbies: Gaming, Anime

I almost only watch seasonal anime.
As for games, I currently mostly play Star Rail and Genshin. avatar


Gamer, Programmer, Technology Enthusiast. avatar


Consultant and writer on decentralised social media avatar


She/her :blobcatheartlesbian: former software dev now writing words for money and/or fun and/or survival. Some content may disturb you. I may and may not follow back, follow-backs great but not an expectation, it's fine.

I write long-form on my Federated WordPress blog. You can follow that separately by following And if you want to support me or this instance, I have a patreon. ( avatar


♡ im minnie ♡
she/her - 21

my scripts
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A man of leisure living in the present, waiting for the future. avatar


Today's social media transform us into merely numbers.
No problem for me.

Polish account:
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web worker, blogger, podcaster, #openweb advocate and citizen of the #indieweb and the #fediverse.

Open Web Wrangler @ #Automattic

I am currently working on the #ActivityPub plugin and several #IndieWeb (mainly #Webmentions) plugins for #WordPress! Besides of that, I maintain some other small Open Web plugins and try to help out on the #pluginkollektiv.

Follow my blog on the fediverse: ""

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I'm a writer and gardener living on the coast of Maine USA. My novels include Rumors of Spring, Tex and Molly in the Afterlife, and Another Green World. I'm a gay father and granddaddy. He/him

#gardening #woods #trees #ChoralMusic #EarlyMusic #anglican #neopagan #Episcopagan #LGBT #TM-Sidhi #fantasy #science #SF #PlantScience #botany #labyrinths #impossible #paranormal #folklore #magic #NAFO #Ukraine #Maine #photography #liminal avatar


Reviewer at Hugo-winning, Ignyte-winning blog Nerds of a Feather. Longlisted for the 2022 Best Fan Writer Hugo. Buy my book: avatar


🇩🇪🇬🇧🇪🇸 I like tech, but my zsh, Xcode and Siri Shortcuts the most. Auf der Suche nach einer Stelle als junior Dev. avatar


VR, RP and science nerd
I play in #NeonDivide, an episodic #RP #LARP in #VR

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#VRChat #VRRP #GoldenGator #TheGoldenGator #Twitch #Roleplay #TTRPG #DnD #VirtualReality #Sweden 🇸🇪 avatar


A fresh take on photo sharing, powered by ActivityPub federation.

Smile 😁 #pixelfed #fedi22

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Currently studying CS and some other stuff. Best known for previously being top 50 (OCE) in LoL, expert RoN modder, and creator of RoN:EE's community patch (CBP).

(header photo by Brian Maffitt) avatar


IT enthusiast. TV addict. A systems admin / tinkerer, who is also curious about development, network and security fields.

I created this account on leap day 2020, but I didn't use it nearly this much before Twitter was purchased.

#tfr #tootfinder


Backup account: avatar


Ran away from reddit, trying to wrap my head around this Fediverse thing. avatar


I write code and play games and stuff. My old username from reddit and HN was already taken and I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to be called so I just picked some random characters like this:

>>> import random
>>> ''.join([random.choice("abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789") for x in range(5)])

My avatar is a quick doodle made in KolourPaint. I might replace it later. Maybe.


Alt: avatar


Sharing advice and assisting with the great migration, plus various thoughts and perspectives.

Banner Artwork: Julio Lacerda
Avatar Artwork: Brandon Pilcher
Individual account not representing any entity or organization.
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Interests (not in order of preference):
Nature; Society; Free and Open Source Software; Industrial Automation; Design; Photography; Literature; Science; Music; Sports; History; Economics; Social Science; Privacy; Cybersecurity; Accessibility

At work, I focus on software systems for industrial process automation.

Though I live in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India, my favorite city is Mysuru (Mysore), India.

I must thank the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community of Bengaluru for positively influencing my outlook towards software and society.

I believe in building an inclusive culture rather than ignoring demographics regardless of percentage. Let many flowers bloom in the garden.

I envision the Fediverse services built on ActivityPub as a digital town square that fosters moderate and sensible discourse and promotes consensus.

I was born when global CO2 level was 323 PPM (Ref:

#FLOSS #FOSS #IndustrialAutomation #Design #Photography #Camera #Science #StreetPhotography #MastIndia #Bengali #Bangla #Kannada #Hindi #Bengaluru #Mysore #Kolkata #IndianHistory #History #Soccer #Football #Economics #SocialScience #Democracy #Science #Privacy #Cybersecurity #Accessibility #Education #Programming #Python #Julia #Haskell #Sustainability #ClimateChange #MachineLearning #Digitalization

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Mostly a programmer.

Implementing #ActivityPub in the #Go programming language.

Current projects:

  • #GoActivityPub - a library to use ActivityPub in Go.

  • #FedBOX - a generic ActivityPub service supporting the client to server API.

  • #brutalinks - a link aggregator inspired by (old) reddit, hacker news and built on top of FedBOX.

  • #oni - a single user ActivityPub server with minimal fuss.

My posts are mostly related to ActivityPub and web development. avatar


Baden Württemberg, Germany
Manager | Consultant, >25 years in IT
Gadgets fan
I love music - Jazz / Soul / Blues / Hip Hop / … prefaerably live
Introvert, atheist, sceptic, progressive, leftist avatar


“For the hoes in the back, and the crackers in they slacks; if I tweet, then delete, then I meant it.” – JPEGMAFIA. || No compromise, no retreat. || I don’t address myself to settlers, their adjacencies, or those who sound like them. avatar


zu testzwecken > this is my favorite alt acc on the fedi avatar


Giver of skulls

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