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I am in my honeymoon phase with the fediverse.

I share what I've read and want others to discover also.

Blog (in French) about science:

If you're into women's football or women's tennis join me on and

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I am ambitious and motivated. I enjoy challenges and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive towards. I don't feel comfortable when I'm not evolving and I'm always looking for an opportunity to do more good and achieve greatness. avatar


I love meeting new people, learning about their lives and their environment. I can almost always find common ground with strangers, and I like to make people feel comfortable in my presence. avatar


This is a recording. avatar


itty53 everywhere but twitter. avatar

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At VibeWithHer, we think that experiencing new things is one of the greatest ways to develop oneself. It opens our eyes to fresh experiences, new people, and different perspectives on the world. We are committed to offering our readers top-notch travel articles because of this. avatar


A man of leisure living in the present, waiting for the future. avatar


Reddit refugee...wasting my time at now. avatar


Estudante de engenharia eletrônica avatar

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G035 Or Hydrocodone 10/325 Mg In order to create a degree of agony severe enough to necessitate narcotic treatment, hydrocodone and acetaminophen are combined. Hydrocodone is an inexpensive drug that may be acquired online. From moderate to severe pain, this combination of drugs may be utilized to relieve it. It includes an opiate pain reliever. avatar


I'm Arina Wilson, a dedicated content writer with a burning passion for words. I believe in the power of storytelling and how it can engage, inform, and inspire readers. With 5 years of experience, I've had the privilege of working with diverse clients across various industries.

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Hi, I'm Shauna! I'm a 37 year old transgender woman from Ontario, Canada. I'm also a Linux enthusiast, and a Web Developer by trade. Huge Star Trek fan, huge Soulsborne fan, and all-around huge nerd. avatar


Science enthusiast, Kemetic, libertarian socialist, Czech. avatar


Formerly /u/Zalack on Reddit. avatar


If you like international and eclectic news, come and join me at (Link for Lemmy = worldwithoutus).

I've also started helping out at, (Link for Lemmy = worldnews),, (Lemmy = movies), and am a ghost at (Lemmy = 13th Floor). avatar


Hey, y’all! Just another random, loudmouthed, opinionated, Southern-fried nerdy American living abroad.

I’m moving off kbin to lemmy, so I won’t be posting from here (unless kbin social gets it together).

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Today's social media transform us into merely numbers.
No problem for me.

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Neuroscientist, quantum physicist, extra dimensional explorer, band leader of the Hong Kong Cavaliers.

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Aerospace engineer working to make aircraft greener & safer.

He/him. 🇺🇲

[TBD - What else goes in a profile?]

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Cover is my own photo. avatar


Looking for an alternative to reddit avatar


Ran away from reddit, trying to wrap my head around this Fediverse thing.

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