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Looking for an alternative to reddit

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maegul, to random
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Is decentralised federated social media over engineered?

Can't get this brain fart out of my head.

What would the simplest, FOSS, alternative look like and would it be worth it?

Quick thoughts:

  • FOSS platforms intended to be big single servers, but dedicated to ...
  • Shared/Single Sign On
  • Easy cross posting
  • Enabling and building universal Multi-platform clients.
  • Unlike email, supporting small servers

No duplication/federation/protocol required, just software.


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Single sign in to the fediverse seems awful. Then we are logging in to it through American big tech servers. Forget anonymity and no tracking. Probably see ads on the login screen too.

But otherwise, sure. A single server is not always a bad idea. In practice, this is how Lemmy is too. Most people are on Lemmy.world, and they picked that server because they don’t think decentralized is important.

flatearth, to science

Flat earth real life testimony 7/7


You can visit and watch the whole 7.
Joyful Christmas in advance!
🎂 Celebrate the birthday of Christ so that your own birthday will be celebrated.

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Most Lemmy users hate flat earthers, so thanks for posting this despite it’s extreme unpopulaity. :)

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