Decentered S1E3: Ryan Barrett Has a Bridge to Sell Us (

For our third episode of Decentered, we talked to Ryan Barrett, the creator of Bridgy Fed! Ryan has a lot of experience in working with a variety of decentralized social web protocols, including IndieWeb, ActivityPub, AT Protocol, and Nostr, and has a lot of interesting thoughts on making them talk to each other.

Sublinks Aims to Be a Drop-In Replacement for Lemmy (

Seems like an interesting effort. A developer is building an alternative Java-based backend to Lemmy’s Rust-based one, with the goal of building in a handful of different features. The dev is looking at using this compatibility to migrate their instance over to the new platform, while allowing the community to use their apps...

How to Follow WordPress Blogs From Anywhere on the Fediverse (

Integration between WordPress and ActivityPub has been a long time coming. It's existed in several different iterations over the years, but the latest attempt is directly sponsored by Automattic, the owners of WordPress. This article covers some basic how-tos and explains some various quirks in the integration.

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