Season one of is in the bag! So we've added "V'ger", as a treat.

Like many other Lemmy instances, we turned one this week! If you enjoy the Voyager app experience but prefer to only login locally (not that there’s any reason whatsoever to distrust or not log in at all, we now have an option for you!

(actual footage of a user)

  • A friendly reminder that we also have mlem (“old reddit”) fronted installed too for those that prefer browsing in a familiar interface on desktop.
  • We do plan on updating to Lemmy 0.19.4 sometime this month so keep an eye out for that!
  • If you’ve noticed the site hitching lately it’s because we were reaching our storage limit (again, oops) so we purchased significantly more storage that appears to be helping.

Big nuqneH to our Patreon supporters for keeping our little corner of the Fediverse on the air a whole year and also allowing us to add features like these frontends and wiki (editing is open to all!) If you’d like to pitch in we have just one plan and it’s only $4.


Very nice!!

Voyager developer @aeharding is unbelievable. What an engineer. Dat UX 🤤 (no shade but will say) srsly hard to use the default interface from web when you’ve experienced e.g. Voyager iOS.


Thanks 💜

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Time to start growing that beard…

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