[UPDATE] Issues with the functioning of (

The main issues with the improper functioning of the instance have been resolved, but it led to additional complications. Currently, using the instance should be quite comfortable, but I will continue to work intensively on a comprehensive solution for the next few days. Therefore, occasional interruptions or errors may still...

To those genuinely interested in moderating (

@Ernest has pushed an update which allows users to request ownership/moderation of abandoned magazines. Ghost/abandoned magazines were fairly prevalent after the initial wave of hype due to users either squatting magazine names or becoming inactive for other reasons. Now is your chance to get involved, if you were waiting to do...

/kbin March update (

I'm feeling a bit better. Starting today, I'll be returning to work as much as possible. This week will likely be spent catching up on tasks, replying to emails, reading overdue comments, etc. I also need to work with Piotr on instance infrastructure. I'll be more actively handling spam as well, but it's clear that we need...

Request for an off-site status communication method and more admins to help run the site & communicate with users (

@ernest, we love you man, and we're grateful for the service you provide. But this site has needs that can't be met by one person: community mod approval, emergency status communication, spam management, and account management are just a few that immediately come to mind....

A case for preemptively defederating with Threads (

With Meta beginning to test federation, there's a lot of discussion as to whether we should preemptively defederate with Threads. I made a post about the question, and it seems that opinions differ a lot among people on Kbin. There were a lot of arguments for and against regarding ads, privacy, and content quality, but I don't...

U.S. Senate Dems Want to Cancel All Student Lunch Debt: A "Term So Absurd That It Shouldn't Even Exist" (

The families of almost half a million food insecure children in Pennsylvania collectively owe nearly $80 million in public school lunch debt, according to Sen. John Fetterman’s office. Across the US, more than 30 million kids can’t afford their school meals and the total debt is $262 million annually.

6 'Soldiers of Christ' members are in custody after a woman's body was found in a car trunk (

DULUTH, Ga. (AP) — Five adults and a 15-year-old self-described as “Soldiers of Christ” religious group members were in custody Thursday on murder charges after a woman’s body was found in the trunk of a car parked outside a popular spa in Atlanta’s suburbs.

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