[support] Has anyone else been having trouble interacting with Lemmy off and on these past few days?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve been experiencing quite a bit of sluggishness and errors (failure to post, failure to mark as read, failure to fetch comments, etc), my feed seems to get stuck for long periods of time without updating, and any time I try to open my profile view, it can take a full minute (it might be...

Enterprise: Where are the strange new worlds?

I recently finished Enterprise season 3, and oh gods that was a slog at the end. Like 5 plot-heavy episodes in a row! No fun, no whimsy, no exploration. It’s the least star-trekky I have ever seen Star Trek. So I finished it, and thought “can we see some strange new worlds now?” And then Archer was taken prisoner by nazis...

Anyone know the singer for the Klingon portion of 'We Are One'?

I know that the utterly incomparable Bruce Horak came back not as Hemmer but as the Klingon for this episode. However the singer, was that Bruce too? If so then I’m genuinely shocked. I thought for sure that it was Weird Al. It sounds almost identical. If it’s not Weird Al himself then it’s a pitch perfect double....

Where do you fall politically?

I’m hoping this doesn’t start a fight, I’m just curious what the political orientation is of this community. I grew up in a liberal (in the American sense) family, and I identify now as a socialist, though a lot of the liberalism I grew up in has stuck with me, like interest in LGBTQ and women’s rights, environmentalism,...

What's the consensus here regarding Babylon Five?

I have the series on DVD but I’ve never seriously cracked it, only seen a few episodes. Was wondering what people here think, is it as good as the internet often says it is? I know it was an inspiration for one of my favorite franchises (Mass Effect) and The Orville had a cute reference to it by making its main actor the...

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