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If Mircosoft were to fully collaborate with the Linux/open source community what would the resulting Linux distro chimera look like and how would it affect the Linux community in general?

I am aware of the Linux subsystem and projects like Linspire and ReactOS that attempt to either better compatibility between the two OSs or replicate the other but I was wondering if Microsoft were to open source the entirety of Windows what the ramifications on the Linux community would be....

Linux 6.5 Released With AMD P-State EPP Default, USB4 v2, MIDI 2.0 & More Hardware Bits (www.phoronix.com)

Linux 6.5 has many great features from the AMD P-State EPP driver default rather than ACPI CPUFreq for Zen 2 and newer supported AMD Ryzen systems, initial USB4 v2 enablement, initial MIDI 2.0 kernel driver work, more Intel hybrid CPU tuning, and a whole lot more.

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