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If Mircosoft were to fully collaborate with the Linux/open source community what would the resulting Linux distro chimera look like and how would it affect the Linux community in general?

I am aware of the Linux subsystem and projects like Linspire and ReactOS that attempt to either better compatibility between the two OSs or replicate the other but I was wondering if Microsoft were to open source the entirety of Windows what the ramifications on the Linux community would be....

Systemd-Free Immutable Distro Nitrux 2.9.1 Is Out Powered by Liquorix Kernel 6.4 (9to5linux.com)

Nitrux uses OpenRC instead of systemd, unlike most mainstream distros. It also features the Liquorix kernel, described as “an enthusiast Linux kernel designed for uncompromised responsiveness in interactive systems, enabling low latency in A/V production, and reduced frame time deviations in games.”...

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