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I don’t think they said what flavor of Linux in the article.


Maybe SuSE?

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Yeah, good luck with that. There’s the famous case of Munich (I think it was Munich?) moving their governmental workers from Windows to Linux. After a few years they went back. Unfortunately the average working enduser is still not ready to just use Linux. Especially not if its a Word/Excel/PowerPoint type of job.

Edit: ah, example is in the article.


Yeah, just reading the headline, I was like, didn’t this already happen like a decade or so ago?


I’m specifically interested in seeing how the transition from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice goes. My boss has been pondering the possibility of migrating us from Word and Excel to Writer and Calc. My concern, as someone who exclusively uses LibreOffice at home, is those edge-cases where another entity sends us a document that has some weird behavior that might not be properly replicated in LibreOffice. I don’t know much about the German government’s typical document practices, but I think this will be a good case study on the viability of LibreOffice in a more serious production environment.


Also, chances are it will eliminate these edge-case-problems for everybody else in the future.

Since they will be able to add these missig functionalities to LibreOffice for everybody else to use too.

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