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Yeah Kbin still hasn’t fixed that. They should.

But that’s why I give both the relative and direct link.

Lemmy hasn’t come up with a good implementation for that issue. They should.

There’s a third party thing that works well for Lemmy instances but I haven’t gotten in the habit of using it. There’s no good mobile plug in for it either so I doubt it will catch on.

It really should be implemented in the core of both Lemmy and Kbin to not need to think about direct vs relative links in the vast majority of cases. And it shouldn’t feel like a hassle when you want to. This is both possible and attainable, but neither projects’ devs are interested in implementing it for various reasons.

I’m not going to contribute to either project because I don’t particularly like what Kbin is trying to be (this is just a personal preference and interest thing) and I don’t particularly like how the Lemmy devs are approaching the architecture and development of Lemmy on a technical basis.

There’s going to be a replacement for the core of lemmy that will just function better and make front end UIs way easier to build and maintain. I’m excited to see it take shape.

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