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A geologist and archaeologist by training, a nerd by inclination - books, films, fossils, comics, rocks, games, folklore, and, generally, the rum and uncanny… Let’s have it!


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Why PHP Usage Has Declined by 40% in Just Over 2 Years (thenewstack.io)

In conclusion, it is easy to see PHP in 2024 as the forgotten child of web development, while JavaScript is the most popular kid in class. Sadly for PHP, its decline in usage is unlikely to stop any time soon — why would it, when WordPress developers are busy adapting to a new JavaScript paradigm? But at least there is active...

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That article makes little sense.

Yes, they seem to have WP blinkers on.

It is far more likely that this is from the rise of “sexier” server-side coding languages like Rust. Now I don’t know much about Rust (although I will look into it more) but I a bit of Googling on Rust vs PHP a while back and PHP is still a solid choice for a lot of things and there seem to be a lot more people out there who can code in it, making it a.good choice for FOSS projects.

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That’s from 2021, what an innocent, less-enshittified time it was. These days the argument would just be pointing at the toxic dumpster fire of regular social media and shouting “how much worse do you want it to get before you leave?”.

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