Why PHP Usage Has Declined by 40% in Just Over 2 Years

In conclusion, it is easy to see PHP in 2024 as the forgotten child of web development, while JavaScript is the most popular kid in class. Sadly for PHP, its decline in usage is unlikely to stop any time soon — why would it, when WordPress developers are busy adapting to a new JavaScript paradigm? But at least there is active development at the PHP Foundation.

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PHP is great when you use it right. The problem is, most people don’t use it right. That old way of rendering html through PHP, or worse, injecting PHP into html, is antiquated.

IMO, PHP is a great language to use for making your backend API. Use whatever flavor of the week on your front end.

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TIOBE index, literally in the first sentence…

PHP leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I’d be happier if we were rid of it (or it continued changing for the next 10 years), but even I can see this article is worthless.


That article makes little sense. There is not a non-php version of WordPress at this time. I know Gutenberg uses Node and NPM, but the heavy lifting is still PHP. There has always been client side scripting and server side scripting with WP. I’ll buy that devs are lobbying clients to use something else, but to say this is because WordPress is driving the change can’t be right.

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That article makes little sense.

Yes, they seem to have WP blinkers on.

It is far more likely that this is from the rise of “sexier” server-side coding languages like Rust. Now I don’t know much about Rust (although I will look into it more) but I a bit of Googling on Rust vs PHP a while back and PHP is still a solid choice for a lot of things and there seem to be a lot more people out there who can code in it, making it a.good choice for FOSS projects.


I hate JavaScript, along with the whole of web 2.0 and moving shit around as it loads, making the user wait to input rather than taking the input and processing as quickly as possible, and in general the whole theme of software no longer being designed for the user to use but for the publisher to extract value from the user.

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