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a #Slothy Dictator of sloth.run

Perennial city dweller. Grower of medical symptoms. Former rock flipper.
practicing ecological data guy.

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aRubes, to operating_systems
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New EasyOS 6


Trying the new #Easyos on a 13 year old Lenovo laptop and so far everything's going smooth. It's a wonder to see it coming back to life.

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@Gamers_mate I have only briefly used debian pup before, so I don't feel qualified to pass a judgement. To be honest, I forgot what the differences even were. It's all detailed in their home page and Barry Kauler's blog. I'm thinking about installing it on all of my computers anyway, as a helper-OS when things go south. Frugal installation, on the hard drive, bit used from a USB thumb drive (as intended)

As for daily drive, I think I'll gave to keep using #Debian or a deriviative such as #spirallinux as it is the only non-commercial backed distro that is is packaging a lot of the software that I need

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