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Can't view the threads page of (

Whenever I try to view the threads page of (i.e.,, I get an error. It's only where this happens, and it's only the threads page of this specific community. I can view the microblogs, the people, and even individual threads, but the threads...


Yeah I'm tempted to make a version of "newcommunities" for Kbin since MagHub just doesn't roll off the tongue (and is abandoned, although I doubt that is why it's so weak)

Could there be a "Filter" button for magazines? (

I know there's block, but "block" currently blacklists the entire magazine. If I click on it, it wipes all the threads on /all/, prevents me from looking at threads on the magazine landing page and all comments in the threads should I venture in. A "filter" would be a soft block that just clears it from my feed on the main page....

Skavau, to kbinMeta

Would it be of interest for someone to set up an /m/abandonedcommunities or /m/findamod or even some /m/revivedcommunities magazine to act as a megaphone for revived communities of interest, or to bring attention to unused communities? I know there's abandoned list but it's effectively a big wall of communities.

#kbinmeta #kbinMeta

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