Could there be a "Filter" button for magazines?

I know there's block, but "block" currently blacklists the entire magazine. If I click on it, it wipes all the threads on /all/, prevents me from looking at threads on the magazine landing page and all comments in the threads should I venture in. A "filter" would be a soft block that just clears it from my feed on the main page. I could still directly browse the magazine if I wanted to.


Hello, I have added this feature to KES (third party extension) today. I believe it is working correctly based on your requirements:

  • Show an icon next to magazine names on the main thread index ( or if logged in). Click this icon to "softblock" threads from that magazine from appearing on your main thread index. This does not block the magazine outright: you can still go to the magazine directly, so it is less aggressive than a total block.
  • Show a Softblock/Unsoftblock button in the sidebar of magazines, as well as in the Magazines index located at As you would expect, this button has the effect of adding/removing a magazine from your filters.
  • Show a tab at the top of the Magazines index that you can use to centrally manage your softblocked magazines. For the time being, this is merely informational.

Full details can be found in the release notes here over at /m/enhancement.

Let me know if this gives you the functionality you wanted.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, avatar

I think it'd be simpler to just change the block button so it does that. Adding a new "filter" button would lead to newcomers being confused on what the difference is. Besides, I don't think there's much benefit to being completely unable to view a magazine.


Sure. Or that.

HubertManne, avatar

I like this. Would also make it easier to double check your blocks in case something improved.

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