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I've noticed that a lot of people on the aren't particularly welcoming to those who don't initially get it or have trouble with it. You'd think that if multiple people say they have trouble picking an instance, it might be a genuine barrier to entry that we need to consider when introducing them to the fediverse. But no, instead of suggesting an instance to get rid of that barrier everyone gives unhelpful advice like "just pick one" or "it's not that hard." We'd have a much easier time getting people on the fediverse if there weren't so many people with this attitude of "the fediverse is simple, and the people who don't get it are lazy and should try harder."

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@ThatOneKirbyMain2568 I remember asking my brother (he has a phd in cs) if he’s on mastodon, and he told me he didn’t understood the instance picking immediately and didn’t join.

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