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I'm Arnold Schrijver (he/him). Social coder. #FOSS, #HumaneTech and #Fediverse advocate.

I help foster #Solutions that improve #Wellbeing, #Freedom and #Society

I'd like to "Reimagine Social" and envision the rise of a #Peopleverse where social networking is seamlessly entwined with daily life. I'm dreaming of opening up #innercircles .. but let dreams be dreams, giving guidance at best :)

Previously at: https://mastodon.social/@humanetech

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ben, to random
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Wondering how hard it would be to build the absolute minimum single user ActivePub instance.


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@tobyjaffey @ben

Also have a look at #Seppo, who have a dead-simple installation by dropping 1 file at a shared hosting provider. Very cool, and funded by #NLnet.


I maintain the delightful-fediverse-apps list, which has a bunch of other candidates to have a peek at:


smallcircles, to random
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may be a nice way to bridge -only and -based

With LinkML schema's are written in YAML and can then be converted in a wide range of different formats.

Very interesting. I added it to the topic pondering whether AP should be considered JSON-first..


doctormo, to random
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I'm thinking I might stop using the term or when I want to talk about this community of federated social media services.

It's confusing and to be honest sounds way too much like a corporate brand trying to sell something.

I'm thinking I might start using something like "open internet" in general and "open social media" in particular to make the point that fedi isn't some specific thing; it's the default social media for the open internet.

Am I wrong?

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Don't think you're wrong. As long-time fedizens we are kinda used to hear fediverse / fedi. To the uninitiated it sounds weird and off-putting.

I avoid "social media" (media too much associated with broadcasting, selling your message), and use "social networking" there, which we also do offline for ages already.

Instead of I increasingly refer to open/decentralized , which makes it more broad and inclusive (e.g. different network stacks than -based).

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@Jeremiah @doctormo

Zuck poisoned the well, long after we invented the fedi 😬 There's also the US association with The Feds.

Then there's dominance of Mastodon that newcomers see as the name of the social network.

And for new types of applications that do not fit microblogging new names are invented, such as Threadiverse for forum and link sharing type apps.

At least you may say "Threadiverse is part of Fediverse", where masto is completely replacing the term.

All that doesn't help clarity.

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@doctormo @phiofx

I am using another term , but not with intent for that to be a real name. More a vision for an online landscape that seamlessly aligns with our offline world and is in support of our daily lives.

smallcircles, to random
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🤩 Aren't you just delighted by all those proprietary software apps for the #Fediverse?

😮 Don't be. Each time you choose proprietary you help turn the fedi slowly in the direction of the usual corporate hellscape that the rest of the Web already is.

😨 And then we end up in an online space where for years we can complain to each other how we squandered an opportunity and how #capitalism won once more.

🎯 Use #FOSS apps instead, created by the public for the public.

🌻 Keep the Fediverse open.

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@mativity in particular in area of fediverse clients, most notably targeting Apple platforms, you have various proprietary apps.

I won't name specific products, as I don't wanna point accusatory finger in such particular directions. My call is for a general awareness.

I imagine that many people, esp. not in geeky circles, are less aware whether or not some app is or not.

Yet checking whether it is should be like a habit, in same way as checking if you'd trust apps with your .

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