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Just your friendly neighborhood communist agitator/audiobook narrator/content creator.

"fully text-pilled and hardbound" -Ancient Catbus

You can look at my stuff at https://www.youtube.com/@dakkireads/playlists

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Announcement to non-StarTrek.website users: on July 10th, c/Quarks will change to "locals only". Thanks to the Lemmy devs for this new feature!

The goal of c/Quarks has always been to help foster a sense of community for StarTrek.website, but it is just a generic “offtopic” community and does not really have an identity of it’s own on the Fediverse....

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@jonny @starkraving666 @ValueSubtracted wait, we have governance?

I thought the owner of this instance just set it up in some substance-induced euphoria and then forgot it existed

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