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This is great news for Frakes.

He was on the upswing as a director until the debacle of the Thunderbirds movie basically made him unemployable.

Star Trek has enabled him to get back into directing work, and even some acting.

He’s been picking up directing work beyond the franchise over the last few years, but an EP supervising director role for an entire limited series adaptation of a prestige author is definitely a step forward.

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I’m not familiar with Venus Prime - it’s apparently based on the short story Breaking Strain, which has been spun into a novel series by Paul Preuss.


Thank you for posting this. I am a big Arthur C Clarke fan and had never heard of it, and my google-fu turned up nothing.


‘Venus Prime’ is the way the novelizations were branded and marketed starting with the first book ‘Breaking Strain’ in 1987.

As you can see from the cover image, it was an early example of the ‘hot babe with powers’ marketing approach.

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Brannon Braga, eat your heart out!


Her hair even goes white-blond as of book 2. LOL

I have observed elsewhere that no women are announced in the creative team. I hope they get a strong female-presenting A-list lead who insists on EP status.

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