They are generating “reviews” which have absolutely no basis in reality, for products they have had 0 interaction with. They are deceiving consumers in order to gain a financial benefit. This is fraud, they belong in prison.

Imagine how quickly search results would improve if shitheads like this were getting sued and arrested on a regular basis.


I can’t find product comparing article that are not ai anymore. I noticed it while shopping for a cellphone. Every site had not only 90% same text, they even had the same hallucinated specifications errors. Like non existent features or wrong RAM sizes. AI overuse sucks. Hopefully we figure out how to properly use it soon.


It is not like it was exactly the same 5 years ago… The lazy “journalists” are the issue.

superb, avatar

The problem isn’t lazy journalists, it’s copywriters and the fact they’re advertisement have been allowed to occupy the same space as articles


100%z It’s a tool… one with specific ideal use-cases, all which involve human oversight, but it’s being treated as a panacea… and a way to replace skilled labor with worse-than-unskilled technology.

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