Anyone can edit our wiki now

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I kinda realized this isn’t Reddit, so as long as things stay polite and organized there’s no reason us Admins need to gatekeep the wiki. We’re paying for it, might as well let people use it right? Anyone with a valid can register as an editor.

Ideally we’d like our wiki to serve as a sort of fan-resource hub and on-boarding for newbies (both Trek and Lemmy/fediverse), but feel free to make anything there your heart desires (the Admin team reserves the right to keep things tidy).

Also, the permission system around Bookstack (our wiki software) is a little complex so if you’re running into a permissions issue, don’t hesitate to reach out to @williams_482, @ValueSubtracted or myself so we can get it sorted.


Very cool, memory alpha has so many ads on it ughh

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