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I feel it is important to publicise refutations of extraordinary claims widely.

The media generally loves to publish the extraordinary claims. especially ALIENS!! but is silent when the results comeback as "Sorry, they were wrong."

Can't block Hexbear communities - with workaround (kbin.social)

So to my immense joy, Hexbear has started appearing on the front page again. Instance blocking is not available, and even the regular block feature sometimes fails (on certain communities?) for no clear reason. I've already tried blocking their "DuNk tAnK" and politics sub, it errors in a way that doesn't seem to happen...


That is completely normal. The one thing trolls hate is to be the target of the behaviours they love to inflict on others.

To those genuinely interested in moderating (kbin.social)

@Ernest has pushed an update which allows users to request ownership/moderation of abandoned magazines. Ghost/abandoned magazines were fairly prevalent after the initial wave of hype due to users either squatting magazine names or becoming inactive for other reasons. Now is your chance to get involved, if you were waiting to do...


Another option I would like to see is the outright deletion of some of the very specific and abandoned mags.

Looking at abandoned list link supplied by @ernest (cheers for that and for all the work you have put in) there are ~4,000 abandoned mags.

While many are in need of new mods, there are a lot that just need to be deleted. They can be recreated in the future if they need is there but I doubt a lot will be claimed.

Maybe in a couple of months that could be looked into.


Good point. I hadn't thought of that option.


As a stop gap and when I have a few spare hours. I plan to request ownership for mags that have zero activity, and the current mod has been MIA for a few months.


As far as I know. Domain blocking still has the bug you experienced a few weeks ago.


Personally, I don't like it.

It is for the community to decide.

The wave of spam we have a few weeks ago were accounts that were upvoting and boosting all their shit to stop themselves going into the negative.

Also with so little posts on here at the moment it is not like new posts are lost within minutes they way they were on reddit.

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Amazon affiliate link spam.


Amazon affiliate link spam.


What a nothing burger. A reporter trying to stir up a controversy where none exists.


Sorry but that sounds a bit self serving.

"I want this place to exist but want someone else to provide it for me."

If no one else has created the community...maybe no one cares about it as much as you do (and you don't care enough to maintain it...).

So your chance of getting someone else to do the work for you is pretty slim.


I have read a few posts about the hexbear trolls but have not seen a thread were they are present.

Can anyone point me in the direction of what you are talking about?


You seem to have struck a chord...

All three (make that 4) downvotes are from accounts younger than this post.

Some new accounts to add to the list:







If you spend a few bucks to register a domain name?

A number only limited to your self-control (and self-respect) to rig votes that give you nothing IRL.

So, for this person, I am guessing hundreds.


"I have a lower number than you!"

Same with the old slashdot days.

( Years before the reddit huge of death there was getting slashdotted.)



This whole thread is an example of people who are very aware of what is possible with social engineering online and calling it out on a new platform in an attempt to at least slow the influx.

The person who is creating accounts like the energiser bunny hitting the skins is trying to use reddit tactics that have been well known since that crow vs corvid user was found boosting their content.

The difference here is that, since votes are public, their attempts are very transparent.

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